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Monday, September 20, 2010

Cute Little Muslim & Muslimah Contest

This is an interesting contest for us if we have children under 6 years old. We just need their photos wearing baju melayu/jubah with songkok/kopiah (for boys) and baju kurung/jubah with tudung (for girls). Now let's see the banner and the link first:
Please click here for the link

Here's the photo of my eldest daughter:
 Name: Fathini bt. Ariff.
Age: 5 years old.
DOB: 10th Jan. 2005.
Category: 2B (3-6 yrs old)
 My wish: I hope she'll grow up to be a good Muslim that never forget about her responsibilities towards Islam, her family and country.

Here, I would like to tag K.Yong and Pijah to enter this contest too. (will inform them later)


Momma Mia said...

Alahai comelnya Fathini
Good luck kak Nur

transformed housewife said...

thanks Momma Mia.

AshAnas said...

kak nur... shira dtg terjah entry contest... LULUS! GOOD LUCK fathini! (",)

transformed housewife said...

thanks Shira.