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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Honey Bunch Final Giveaway


Hanz from The Honey Bunch blog is organizing a giveaway as she's closing down that blog to move on with her new 2 niche blogs. The 2 new blogs are Honey bunch Natural Parenting Love and Honey bunch Homeschool .
 I wish her the best with the new niche blogs and I have always be a fan of her Honey bunch blog because she loves to share a lot of useful tips mainly on Natural Living and also homeschool.

I have to complete something before I can submit this entry. So, here's my intake on this: Motherhood to a long-winded journey filled with mixed experiences, smiles, laughter, joy and tears but at the end is a worth while and satisfying one when I have my precious daughters to be loved, cherished and educated. 

Another thing is I have to mention all of these sponsors:
Maybel's Closet, Sweet and Cozy, Mama Sewbulous Shoppe, Preloved Toys, Chago Mago, Deana Design, Crystal Princess Cottage, The Eco Boutique and Honeybunch Market Place.

The due date is on 3rd June.

1 comment:

Hanz said...

Assalam K.Nur, thanks for joining..

Ni terpaksa beritahu ada perubahan link sposnors..what to do, request from sponsors..

Tlg change :
The Eco Boutique => BluCotton (

Preloved Tots => Muhammad's Playtime (

Sorry sangat2..

And good luck!