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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sleeping Cutie Contest

This is a nice contest for me to enter because lately I love to take pictures of Hafizah my youngest daughter sleeping in different poses. The owner of the blog is PapaMama Zakwan.

Now, let's see my sleeping cutie:
Sleeping cutie's name: Hafizah bt. Ariff.
Date of birth: 22 June 2007
A special lullaby (dodoi) song: 
Lullaby my darling,
Lullaby to you,
Snuggle up and dreaming,
I'll be here for you,

Lullaby my love,
You know that I love you,
Leave it all your worries,
Leave it all to me,
For you're just so precious,
And meaningful to ME.

I hope that the lullaby might attract the judge's attention. Though it's a spur at the moment creation. hehe. So, if the others would like to join too, it's still not too late because the closing date is on 9th April 2010. Just click here.


Momma Mia said...

alahai cute jer sleeping beauty tuh tido... terlena ke tuh??
good luck yer!

PapaMama Zakwan said...

mamazakwan dtg menjenguk :)
thanks n gud lux!


temp. housewife said...

Mommoa Mia: mmg terlena tu. Hafizah ni mmg senang tidur.

PapaMama Zakwan: ok. thanks.

PapaMama Zakwan said...

pit!pit!anda berjaya mndpt award drp mamazakwan..sudi2 la ambil di blog :)

Nad a.k.a MamaZakwan said...

mamazakwan bwk berita gembira :)
jom pegi blog!