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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saat Manis Si Manja

When I read this contest, I gave a long thought before I chose the best photo to represent the best moment "Saat Manis Si Manja" for my eldest daughter, Fathini.

So, this is the photo:

Name: Fathini bt. Ariff
Age: 5 yrs old.
Title for the photo: Her first purchased ever in a supermarket.
(during supermarket trip with the pre-school)


Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

Hi salam kenal...

Wah...she can purchase on her own?....Smart girl!!! :-). Love her school uniform. So cute!!! ('',)


Good Luck ya!!

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

By the way, where r u now?....kat oversea ikut hubby?....

temp. housewife said...

hehe. tu bukan school uniform dia. tu baju hujan. aah kat New Zealand ikut hubby belajar.

::Leily | Ummi Alya Husna:: said...

salam kenal & gud luck.. :)

temp. housewife said...

thanks Leily