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Friday, February 4, 2011

Contest: Showing Your Love.


This is an interesting contest too. I would love to try my luck here as I think I have a suitable photo.

Let's see the banner:
The link is HERE

The main sponsor of the prizes is:

AND the special photo is:

Who are these?
They are my daughters; Fathini (the one with the pink pyjamas) and Hafizah (the one with the yellow pyjamas)
Why is this photo special?
It is the first time for Fathini to hold Hafizah when I snapped this photo. Fathini was only 2 1/2 years and Hafizah was about 3 months old. They instantly have a kind of "baby talk" communication when I placed Hafizah on Fathini's lap. Both of them really enjoyed the moment and it was one of the sweet moments for me as their mummy.


ummisofea... said...

so cute...

nway gud lak

Adzriel AB said...

sweetnya...apa citer diaorang tu?