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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Birthday Giveaway

The owner of whooblebublyland is so generous that she wants to giveaway some gifts to other people on her 23rd Birthday. All we need to do is to give her some ideas on how should she celebrate her birthday. BTW, her birthday is acually on the same date as my late mom.

Right. Here are some suggestions:
  • Choose an outdoor location like a nice lushes green park.
  • Invite 23 good friends and ask them to each bring your favourite flower.
  • Order 23 cupcakes.
  • And celebrate it with your friend! 
I hope you like my suggestions. I couldn't recall how did I celebrate my 23rd bday as it was abt 10 years ago! (akk dah tua dik).

Happy Birthday To You2x
Happy Birthday2x
Happy Birthday to you..................


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