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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Name My Baby Contest

I knew about this contest from The organizer is expecting her first born and that's why she organized this contest.

So, here are my suggestions:
Baby boy's name- Amzar Husni
                           meaning= Amzar-Yg utama, yg mulia.
                                           Husni-Kebaikan, keindahan.
                                           If it's combined: Seorg yg utama, mulia, baik dan indah akhlaknya.

Baby girl's name- 'Afifah Husna
                           meaning= 'Afifah- Yg bermaruah, terpelihara kehormatan dirinya.
                                           Husna- Yg baik, yg indah.
                                           If it's combined: Seorg yg bermaruah,terpelihara kehormatan dirinya, baik
                                                                    dan indah akhlaknya.
Why am I suggesting those names?:
  • They are short and easy to be pronouced.
  • They have good and beautiful meaning and as parents, we need to give names that have good meaning because everytime we say the name, it's like a prayer (doa).
  • Each name have abt 10-11 letters. So if you combine the names with your hubby's name, it won't exceed the boxes in the birth registration form! (kena fikir pasal ni sbb ramai yg buat nama pjg sgt susah bila nak isi borang)
Here's the link for the contest-

p/s: We (my hubby and I) also love short names. That's why our princesses names are Fathini and Hafizah (only one word). So, if you prefer one word, you can use the first word of each names ;).