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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mamawana 1st Giveaway

Come and let's join this GA. I've been tagged by Nadiah. First, let's see the GA's banner:
The link of the GA is HERE

We also have to put up a funny photo or ourself :

Caption:  Oh no! this GIANT doesn't know how to pose nicely.

I'm tagging:
Yatie Chomeyl


kakyong said...

alamak... xde gambor yg lucu... huhuuu... selalu dok snap gambor anak2 jer....

kakyong said...

1 HB utk Nur... ;)

mamawana said...

Assalam sweetie
Thanks for joining. Gud luck .

transformed housewife said...

thanks K.Yong.

Thanks Mamawana.